Yin and Yang Of Today


Yin and Yang Of Today

As the doors open on this new economy, consumers will be adding a new and taxing requirement to your business offerings: the demand of increased and very emotionally-connected customer service.

As you listen to your customers muffled language through their cotton masks, recognize that today you are selling Hope with every purchase.

Your customers are looking to you for security, strength, perseverance…familiarity. Closed up in quarantine, they have been worrying about your survival, your offerings, your families and how your situation affects them. As customers share the emotional drainage of our two month collective trauma, recognize they have been dreaming of this long-overdue interaction.

Small Business Leaders are now an essential absorbing and radiating point of emotional support in your community; the yin and the yang of survival with intertwining halves carrying the seeds of renewal as we all move something bigger to heal.

As customers, we can soothe our souls and feel collective strength as we watch the lights come on and the keys turn the squeaky locks open in the solid doors of commerce. Seeing thriving business, even if an illusion, gives the strength and hope needed to get clients to come out of their homes and back into the economy. We really are all cheering for your success!

Compassionate leadership will pay off as we rebuild our small empires, our business relationships, our interoffice communications and the strength of our brand by focusing on customer’s emotional needs; the first rule of selling.

We are cheering for your success in the coming months. It can’t be done alone.

A humane foundation to rebuild is key. Do you need help gaining a clearer understanding of your crisis-current financial picture, and how to move forward. Message me. Together, we can plot out third and fourth quarter for recovery, break-even and profit.