Pivot Or Fulcrum?


Pivot Or Fulcrum?

The Extrovert Has Been Caged, The Introvert Has Perpetual Company

I laugh at the craziness in the current use of the word “Pivot” as it relates to our businesses. Such a simple and skimming math term, devoid of weight and denude of emotion. In using this under-qualified and quick-action term, we are whitewashing our collective trauma. Our workforce is our most valuable asset and we are not pivoting.

So how about using the word “Fulcrum” instead? A fulcrum is an essential point support, absorbing force, working with other parts to move the whole forward. It is part of a team using energy to move something bigger than itself. It takes collective weight and guides motion. You can physically touch it and feel its strength. It seems so much more stable, sure, human…solid.

Most of us have not been sick. Most of us have not lost loved ones. Yet every single way that we interact with everyone outside of our home has changed. Everything. We have experienced death in an aberrant way. It will take much more than a simple, weightless, soulless pivot to see success.

Long term and at inopportune times, the grief each of us have experienced in the loss and change of a third of our daily lives will rise to the surface. There will be unusual spouts of denial and anger displayed. Depression in some will occur. We need to prepare to support the bargaining and walk through acceptance repeatedly. We need others to help with the weight of it all.

This recovery is not about the quick action of a pivot, but of long term strength of a fulcrum.

Let’s use the right tool for the job of re-building business relationships, our inter-office communication, and the strength of our brand. We all need to help and we can’t do it alone.

A humane foundation to rebuild is key. If you are seeking help in where to begin, message me and I would be available to help you gain a clearer understanding of your crisis-current financial picture, and how to move forward. Together, we can plot out third and fourth quarter for recovery, break-even and profit.