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Old Dog | New Tricks

One thing I have gained in this pandemic besides weight and feelings has been time. I thought I would put it to use this past week and build a business website. Just like everything else in the time of Covid what has always been simple is now so much harder and things that seemed so very hard, prove to be much easier!

WordPress.com has been a joy to work with in building out a simple website for myself and they should get some serious credit for making it easy enough for an old dog to learn new tricks! I tried GoDaddy and Networks Solutions first and only got frustrated. WordPress was so straightforward and felt as though it was trained in Ai.

There were moments of strong frustration, soothed by chocolate and occasional outdoor exercise, but I created six pages of content that I may be proud of. The activity certainly fulfilled the purpose of developing a website, in that the site was another “concrete block” that my business was legitimate for any of my nervous and searching prospective clients.

As always, there is lots of room for web improvement on my end because there are buttons to push and things to delete that are a bit scary and better left up to the professionals. This is a good chance to hire someone to help and feed the economy where I can. But for now…it is there and it is live and more importantly, I accomplished something I would never have attempted. So thank you WordPress.com for making this week mean something good in the big scope of things!