Long Summer Weekends

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Long Summer Weekends

Smile and Revive

Long weekends are wonderful with 96 hours of great intentions, goals, and commitments.

Mentally exhausted from long spells of emotional aerobics and uncertainty over the past several months, we emerge on the other side of Monday with renewed hope. Spring smells are in the air of rain, fresh cut grass and patio barbecues. Small projects are completed. Family is visited. Satisfying food is cooked and consumed and maybe a book read with a trip to the water or garden.

These are small weekend steps toward personal comfort and soul soothing metamorphosis as we begin the summer season with hopes of normalcy blossoming with the heat and spring flowers.

The experience is different this season. Public beaches and pools are closed, patio dining has changed, parades and festivals are no more. Summer school on pause. The very fabric of summer is not on the menu this season. The discomfort continues.

So…open the windows. Embrace what is still present. Childhood laughter, fireworks, …those birds….the early morning garbage trucks, the sound of motorcycles. Rain. Feel the heat and the sun. Feel the dampness in the cool corners of your home. Pin your hopes to the family patio.

Find joy in these fleeting summer months.