Financial Strategy

Understanding Money and Facing Financial Issues

Your books have a sense of mismanagement and you need clarity to flourish, make better decisions, get a loan, or file taxes.

Problem Solving & Accounting Basics

You know your books are off but cannot figure out where or how.

We listen, then research and reconcile to accuracy. We also help you to understand what happened and put together a procedure to follow next time. This is done for accurate reflection of your business financials now and in the future. It allows you to really see how your business is doing, plan for opportunities to grow, or correct tax filing.

Funding & Budgeting

We help you get your business in order so funding opportunities can run smoother. We build a comprehensive budget for your business based on your current and future financial needs, clarifying the purpose of the funding and setting manageable goals. This helps with expense management. We act in the role of liaison to bankers, vendors, and other external stakeholders.

Financial Obstacles & System Efficiency

Keeping your books clean is hard. Creating solutions and efficiencies includes establishing a pattern to data entry, which keeps books clean. It also addresses purchase authority and inventory control. Required reconciling on a monthly basis keeps the work flowing smoothly and ensures accuracy in the information to make future decisions. Budgeting and reporting round out the good habits moving the company ahead.

When you set up a system for efficiency, training or cross-training becomes more effective, the stress of running the business lessens, the passion and joy of ownership returns, and the business grows.

Maintaining Your Investment

We build maintenance and optimization procedures to reduce cost and empower employees to keep operations running smoothly. We help you evaluate different accounting and investment options, as well as position your business for transition/future sale.

Re-invest in your business confidently knowing your financials.