Clarify Your Idea

Building your business starts with a clear vision.

Revive CFO helps clarify your idea with the following services:

Developing Your Business Idea - 6 Week Program

Develop the right business model for your idea by understanding what your goals are, defining your values, and customizing your growth. There are over 30 good types of business models, so picking the right one saves time and money. Build your business with personal values and goals to guide customers and business allies to you with an understanding of who they are working with.

Customer-Centric Offering

Understand, from the customer’s perspective, what problems they need solved and what they value—not what problems you want to solve for them.

Understand what needs to be included in your offering to make people want to buy. What is the value of your business offering to your future customers?

Re-Focusing Your Dream

How are you working your time? How much money do you want or need to make and how many hours do you want to work? Work with purpose. Create the edge that makes your business grow. Create efficient processes with backup plans.

We can help you define and detail the financial future you are working for by establishing a strategic plan for your whole life, not just next week. Build your plan, incorporating your business and long-term life goals with focused areas for development or improvement. Model what life looks like on a grand scale, then develop business goals, processes, and procedures to achieve that life.

Discover how you want to grow and customize a plan to get there.

3-5 Year Annual Crisis Planning

We create specific types of planning designed for calculated opportunity, with scenarios worked out into a specific timeframe or condition.

Establishing a Non-Profit Business

Together, we build a plan to establish your non-profit entity. Although it takes a year, achieving the 501C-3 status is just the beginning. We meet a couple of times a month to clarify your mission and prepare the application.

The labor of love begins when your status letter arrives. Strategically designing the funding of your charity and the distribution of its mission can be daunting. We can help with that with specialized plans.

Create an Effective and Usable Quickbooks Account

Need help setting up a Quickbooks account? We offer a variety of accounting and payroll subscriptions to cover your specific level of activity. We can set you up quickly, train you on how it all works, and clean up any mess you make in learning how to do accounting.

Accounting for Store

Create clear accounting for your Amazon store. We are experienced at setting up and maintaining the challenging accounting for an Amazon account. We can schedule maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Networking - 3 Week Course

Networking is the key to unlocking opportunity, and it is a skill that is developed over time. We work with you to highlight skills in aligning your offering with the right people who can help you. Often, the desire to integrate leads you blindly into places and people who cannot help you.

Learn the key to finding the people who will not waste your time. Gain clients and market share while serving your audience through strategic alliances and the positioning of your offering to the right cheerleaders. This course helps you communicate your offering and spread the information.

"When our not-for-profit youth development organization was in need of an accountant capable of managing our very specific, highly specialized fiduciary responsibilities we cast a fairly expansive net into our well established community of stakeholders. It only took one meeting with Carolyn Cook/Revive to see that we'd be in competent, capable hands. We've been impressed by Carolyn's ability to strike a perfect balance between the personal nature of the relationships we value as a community-based organization with the professional acumen we strive to achieve through our commitment to excellence. Carolyn's capacity to maintain the highest level of integrity while accommodating our often spontaneous business nature has been nothing short of impressive. We are thrilled to have found the perfect match for our dynamic organization in Carolyn and strongly recommend her services to businesses who, like ours, strive to meet the highest standards of customer service while humbly flexing with the fluid nature of today's economy."

National Center For Youth Development