Calculate Costs

From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

Develop an Offering

How do you develop an offering?

With so many variables, it will make your head spin. We offer help in organizing your path to launch, complete with calculations—including hours needed at different stages, how much money to invest, and where to invest it. It is a big achievement getting your idea into the hands of your first client. Let us help you plan for it.

Focused Financial Leadership

Consulting services are available in financial leadership, whether it is as a financial sounding board, a liaison to stakeholders, or for full financial oversight: reporting, planning, budgeting, and overall performance. We are available on a fractional CFO schedule.

Streamline the Disarray

Metrics help to take emotion out of the chaos, which is sometimes our businesses.

Using the right metrics helps to evaluate, identify, and improve processes, and, in turn, the bottom line. We analyze the business needs to calculate the costs.

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