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Carrie Cook

Carrie Cook, Fractional CFO

My mission, my passion…is to help entrepreneurs align customer expectations and experiences, with the delivery of the right products and services in a smart financial way, designed to thrive in uncertainty!

From back-of-the-napkin ideas to building multiple-site organizations with a financial mindset, building business has taught me the power of ideas and sacrifice. Along the way, I have learned the financial mistakes of innocence, the real power of personal drive, and the feeling of euphoria.

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As a Fractional CFO, I help with the following:

My business had a really, really bad quarter. That, combined with a lack of financial planning by me, resulted in a financial crisis that threatened to kill the business. I found Carrie through my business mentor and took a meeting. My initial impression of Carrie was of a person who works hard, cuts to the chase, and yet is extremely compassionate and encouraging. My intution told me, "this is the person to work with." Carrie was willing to clean up our books and delay payment, which was exactly what was holding us up from seeking a business loan. She worked quickly, worked hard, and checked in regularly with me. Overall, Carrie was an absolute godsend for me and my business. Sometimes you meet people who are genuinely good, helpful, and encouraging. They're rare, and you can count your blessings when you find one. Carrie is such a person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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