At revive CFO

Our focus is on business growth.

It starts with setting a foundation for your business. We help build your business with your values—defining business practices, recognizing your personal beliefs, and reflecting on what they mean to you. Values guide people to you: your clients as well as your employees.

accounting support for entrepreneurs

Accounting Support

We use the right metrics to evaluate your historic spend, identify problem areas, and recommend improvements.
revenue model

Revenue Model Research

How much money do you want or need to make and how many hours do you want to work? We model what that looks like on a grand scale.
work-life balance

Work-Life Strategy

It isn’t just about budgeting for your business. It’s establishing a plan for your life. We help you build a strategic plan that includes both your business and your long-term life goals.

Balance Business with Values

Let us help you:

Ready to learn something new about your business idea?

"Revive CFO helped establish our non-profit business foundation, which included revenue modeling and strategic planning. Revive’s contributions allowed us to focus on our passion and increase our community effectiveness."

J. Horsnell

“Revive CFO used Data Analytics to establish a financial structure for Farther North Sales that increased our ability to overcome the financial obstacles of Covid 19 and serve us immediately an improved revenue model well into the future."

Erin Gable
Founder, Miguels Hands

“Revive CFO has helped me grow significantly in my thought process about starting a business. We took an idea, evolved it into a communicable concept, and established my first business plan in a matter of six weeks.”

Brent Johnson
Entrepreneur, Housing App

Run your business and live a full life.